• Mali Iđoš, Serbia
  • +381 63 577 37
  • vrtlariidoo@gmail.com
  • vrtlari.rs
  • Branislav Sekulič
  • Standard:

    • ISO 9001,
    • HACCP,

“Vrtlari”, for better understanding – “Gardeners”, is a family-owned company, founded ten years ago as a small agricultural holding, producing tomatoes and peppers. After years of experience in traditional production of fruits and vegetables, two years ago we started working on expansion and processing of products from our plantations.

With quality raw materials and great potential at our disposal, we hired the best technologists and designers available, and two years later, we have reached the level of a modern high-capacity plant with an excellent assortment. We gave priority to the concept of traditional production with only one goal: to make a healthy product, while preserving its taste, smell and color. Our products are prepared with love and attention in a strictly controlled environment, aiming to satisfy every customer.

We have developed an efficient network of subcontractors for commodities of high standards, since the demand for quality food is big, both in Serbia and the world. One of our long-term goals is, first of all, to maintain the same quality of continuous production, in order to persevere in the domestic market and open export possibilities into regional and world markets.