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  • Aleksandar Gligorijević
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To go back to the countryside is a big step. An even bigger step is to decide to start your own business on an estate upon which three different generations grew. When we decided to take these two big steps, we didn’t even suspect we could be on the verge of something which was coming to be a small family business.

Four years ago, we built a production facility for food processing and, thus, propelled a small corner of a village where we plan to expand the production and enable everyone to enjoy excellent gifts of nature.
“Srberry” juices came into existence when we squeezed the black currants from our plantation and enriched them with acacia honey. We got what we strived towards – something healthy, delicious and unique. In order to move a step forward, we also planted raspberries and started producing raspberry juice with acacia honey.

We bought blackberries from our neighbors and started making juices out of fruit grown by us and our neighbors. Our juices are made of the highest-quality berries in Western Serbia, a region famous for berry production.