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    • HACCP,

Agricultural Farm “PG ShitakaAS” grows Shiitake mushrooms on BIO organic material (100% Oak), in a modern plant, with full control of all parameters that affect the maturation and quality of mushrooms, respecting the principles of good hygiene practice and under strict rules of HACCP safety system food.

Cultivation takes place without absolutely any chemical and biocidal pollution of materials and space and without other impurities and additives.

From shiitake mushrooms , we have created an innovative brand with high quality, healthy and delicious products that will enchant you with their aroma, refined texture and richness of taste.

Shiitake mushrooms, which have long been known as the ELIXIR OF LIFE, are transformed into delicacies of unique taste that you will surely enjoy… it will be love at the first bite.

Whether you choose marinated, dried, in cream honey or in the form of salty pâté spread, you will certainly not go wrong, and there is also a practical spice package that will enrich your usual dishes, as well as a mixture with honey – “take away” bags.