“Real Red Raspberry” is a family-owned company from Bečej that deals in production and processing of raspberries. Our business is all about raspberries – we love, grow, and skillfully transform them into premium jams and spreads.

Our products are made from raspberries that come from family orchards. They are prepared in small batches, made from whole raspberries, and remain chunky when placed in a jar. That is why Real Red Raspberry fruit spreads and light jams contain a very high percentage of raspberries and low sugar content. They are also gluten free, low calorie, free of preservatives and other additives. We plan to introduce one more product, “Organic Raspberry Jam”, soon.

Real Red Raspberry markets its products in Serbia through the Delhaize retail chain, as well as more than 40 specialized shops. We also export to Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Middle East, and we are currently preparing our first shipment to USA (Amazon).

This year, our “Raspberry Spread With Fructose, 80%” received the prestigious Superior Taste Award in Brussels.