Piterija Ključ LLC was founded in 2003. In the heart of Belgrade  and was very quickly recognized by its citizens as a place where real homemade pies were made,from handmade crust,in line with traditional recipes,without artificial additives and with respect  to extremely high quality standards.

In accordance with the modern way of life and the needs of consumers for a fast but healthy and functional meal,Piterija Kljuc began the development of  a new product range.This is how KEY BAR is created, a brand new line of healthy fruit bars.

The KEY BAR brand includes 100% natural, fiber-rich RAW products that, due to the ideal combination of malted buckwheat and plum, allow the body to stay in balance at all times.The basics of each KEY BAR are malted buckwheat and plum, and depending on the purpose,we distinguish between RESET and FOCUS which contain naturally occurring fruit sugars with no added sugar,while RELAX, with the addition of dark chocolate,provides a healthy fruity pleasure.

Relax KEY BAR with its balanced ingredients and with the addition of dark chocolate will contribute to the reduction of stress and increase of serotonin.It is  designed for people who want to relax and for a moment to enjoy into a product with premium chocolate taste.

Reset KEY BAR is intended for all those who are always on the run.KEY BAR with added coffee is ideal for starting a new day and is a healthy way to raise energy.

Focus KEY BAR  is the ideal blend of ingredients to keep your concentration on a high level.Aside from their excellent taste, ginger and oranges are also powerful antioxidants which, in addition to the extract of ancient ginkgo,enhance brain microcirculation and memory.

…Because the key is in the right ingredients!