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  • David Mardešić
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Mad Med, as an idea, originated in the year 2016. when the group of young experts decided to create their brand, which would become specific and recognizable, not just in Serbia but also in the rest of the world. The idea was to blend domestic honey of the highest quality with exotic herbs and spices. Spices that we use come from the Himalayas’ footers, from the rainforest of Sri Lanka and other distant parts of the world.
In this region, the apiary culture from ancient history and honey is a product traditionally consumed in all parts of the world. Because of that, Mad Med has stepped up with revolutionary ideas and a modern production system of top quality, and in a short time became the brad that catches the eye.

Mad Med team is open to different types of cooperation. From our founding, we managed to gain partners from various branches of the economy. We save our original recipe, with the option of changing the design and different sizes of the jar so we could satisfy the market needs.

Our fine creamy structure is the result of many years of research and testing, and for the honey we use, we are free to say that it is real Serbian honey. Our bees visited arable fields of Vojvodina, across Fruška gora mountain and even Serbia’s central and the south parts.

Beside pure honey, we can offer:
-honey with Ceylon cinnamon
-honey with moringa
-honey with mint and ginger

We look forward to your inquiry!