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  • Milutin Pantić
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    • HACCP,

“HOFF” is a company that makes tasty fruit products, such as aronia berry dressing, filling and juice. In the vicinity of Belgrade, we own one of the largest plantations in Serbia which complies with the requirements of organic production, and our mission is to present all the advantages of this super fruit to the wide population.

Our business is based on the production of 100% natural juice. In order to expand the use of aronia, we have developed products with a very low sugar percentage. These products are cooked in their own juices, and owing to original recipes, they maintain a high percentage of whole fruits. They are intended for end consumers as well as different business buyers (hotels, restaurants, confectionaries…).

Besides aronia, following original recipes, we also produce exceptional fillings with minimal percentage of sugar using raspberries, apricots, sour cherries, strawberries, plums, caramel, mint and limes.