• Pere Dimitrijevica 7, Kladovo, Srbija
  • 063 476177
  • info@glikerija.com
  • https://glikerija.com/
  • Ljiljana Stojanović
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    • HACCP,

GLIKERIJA is a product of effort of the numerous Stojanovics family, established in 2017, aiming at cherishing the lasting tradition of fruit turning into liqueurs, sweet fruit preserves and jams, while by its flavours and colours, stiring senses and evoking memories of childhood fragrances and tastes, of parents’ nest and nature, the joy of creation, hospitality and gift giving.

Out of carefully picked fruits by hand, containing no other substance/preservative but the strongest one – LOVE, a wonderful simphony of colours, scents and flavours is composed, which we are proud and happy to share with the true connoisseurs of authentic flavours.