• Rađevo Selo bb, Valjevo, Srbija
  • 063/346-248
  • cedinarakija@gmail.com
  • http://www.cedinarakija.rs/
  • Čedomir Đurđević
  • Standard:

    • ISO 9001,
    • HACCP,

EKO Tehnology distillery has been producing organic fruit brandies since 2010. We combine our 200-year-old family tradition of brandy production with the newest technologies, which results in top brandies, unique on the market. The fruit used in the production process is grown on controlled plots of land near Valjevo and on the slopes of Medvednik and Povlen. Our brand name is Čedina rakija, and we offer 4 different types of brandy: Čeda’s Plum Brandy, Čeda’s Herbal Plum brandy – plum brandy enriched with selected aromatic herbs, Čeda’s Juniper Plum Brandy – plum brandy enriched with juniper berries, and Čeda’s Honey Apple Brany – apple brandy enriched with lime flower and linden honey. This year we have launched a new brany, Čeda’s Old Plum Brandy, 12 years old plum brandy.