• Golinjevo bb, Livno, Bosna i Hercegovina
  • +38763331238
  • ekosirpudja@gmail.com
  • www.livanjskisir.com
  • Tomislav Puđa
  • Standard:

    • ISO 9001,
    • HACCP,
    • HALAL,

Company “EKO SIR PUĐA” was established in 2001, continuing family tradition in cheese production from milk of animals grazing mountain grass. Company headquarter is located in region of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is traditionally oriented on animal husbandry and cheese production, in the village Golinjevo, near main road Livno-Mostar, on the side slope of Mountain Tušnica at close vicinity of Buško Blato lake. Our core products are traditional hard cheese prepared from full fat cow’s milk, collected from local farmers who keep animals on mountain pastures for grazing and feed them only with domestic grain, but we also produce variety of other semi-hard and soft cheese. Since we prepare our cheese from not skimmed full fat milk they have recognizable quality.