• Despota Stefana Lazarevića 1, Topola , Srbija
  • +381628814779
  • stasavranes@ntbolero.com
  • www.calibro.rs
  • Staša Vraneš
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    • IFS,

“Calibro” is a brend new company located in the heart of Serbia, Topola, with a big vision: we wish to become the domestic and regional leader in production of high-quality dried and lyophilized fruits and vegetables! Our production plant began operating in August 2018 and after the successful drying season of top-class “Stanley” plum we carried out its further processing, packaging and sale.

Extra-quality prunes are currently the main star of our product range, but dried apple and dried apple with cinnamon are not far behind! In addition to fruit, we are able to dry vegetables and create branding for our business clients. Flexible production and cutting edge drying process of large quantities of fruits and vegetables are our company’s trademark.

By combining tradition and modern technologies, we deliver premium products specific to our climate, which best represent our country in the world.