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We are a group of people who approach with devotion and passion good and tasty foods in a healthy lifestyle, adhering to the raw diet. The idea to launch ZdRAWo Slatko and RO! was born from the need to share our knowledge in the field of raw nutrition with the world and give everyone an easy and simple access to healthy raw cakes, mashes, fit bars and juices.
We carefully select the highest quality ingredients for our cakes, mashes and juices and we use a special cold-press juicer which preserves all nutrients in fresh vegetables and fruits. When making our cookies and cakes, we use only nuts and natural sweeteners, such as agave syrup and dates; and natural oils, such as coconut oil and cocoa butter. Our products are free of crystal sugar, additives, flavour enhancers and emulgators and are made from ingredients which haven’t been thermally processed, in their simple and natural form. We are devoted to developing new, original recipes for our products, and we have paid special attention to design, presentation and, above all, to a close and honest relationship with our customers. Our business relationship is based on constant education and mutual interaction. We educate you how to be fulfilled, smiling, relaxed and in a good mood…