• Laze Kostica 16, Novi Sad, Srbija
  • +381 64 5439 278
  • sladjana@blisshoney.rs
  • www.blisshoney.rs
  • Sladjana Rajkovic Krnjaic
  • Standard:

    • HACCP,

Bliss Honey is a family company based in the city of Novi Sad that deals in the production of creamed honey with addition of nuts, freeze-dried fruits, aromatic plants and herbs, truffles, presented in elegant and innovative packaging that’s created specifically for the world market. Bliss Honey’s production is based on the use of honey from its own apiary, while it also
purchases honey from other local bee-keepers. Having its own beehives and knowledge of the honey production process helped the company to develop creamed honey, which is the process of honey crystallization in a controlled environment.

Founded in April 2019, the initial idea of the company was to develop premium honey-based products and create a brand with its own striking visual identity. Bliss Honey today boasts a production facility that adheres to the highest standards in the food industry, harmonised with standards required for export to even the most demanding markets.

It has established cooperation with retail chains in Serbia, as well as smaller stores specialising in delicatessen products. Moreover, cooperation has also been established with numerous companies that carry out the branding of their corporate gifts, which occupy an important place in business culture and represent a good introduction to the establishing of business relations.

The aim of the company is to expand its sales network on the domestic market, as well as its exports to foreign markets. At the heart of the story is hedonism and the products are primarily intended for those desiring the enjoyment of high-quality sweet snacks. The Bliss Honey offer includes pure creamed honey, as well as creamed honey enriched with black truffle, hazelnuts, pistachios and sea salt, coffee, freeze-dried raspberries, apples, lemongrass and ginger.