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  • Aleksa Vučićević
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    • ISO 9001,
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Our decades-long experience, a choice of best ingredients and a constant need of improvement and keeping up with all the technological and market trends, have made Premier products a symbol of refine and delicious chocolate meant specifically for enjoyment.

Using all the available resources, knowledge and energy, all of us working in creation, production and improvement of Premier brand try hard to offer the best chocolate on the market – from special types that include nutritive and health benefits, to chocolates made of cocoa with special geographical origin as well as a number of different combinations of chocolate and fruits, nuts and other ingredients.

An important field of development is creating and developing a series of products with a marked health component, with no sugar, nutritionally balanced while keeping its original taste. Looking towards the future, Premier puts an effort to please all its loyal customers’ needs while caring about their own welfare.

In that sense, choosing ingredients plays an important role for Premier. Only the best from nature and Serbian tradition deserves to be a part of the brand that is a synonym for a delicious, innovative and for many, irresistible chocolate.