Belgrade Food Show


Vuk Mirković


Founder and Partner, Delicent

Vuk studied industrial design at the Polytechnic Academy. He was actively playing water polo for the senior team of the Red Star Water Polo Club. Having a restless spirit and being enterprising and led by a 360-vision of an agency, he founded Razor company at the age of 21. Through work over the years, he has acquired international experience and reputation, improving his skills and knowledge, constantly running ahead of time. He participated in the Obama – Biden campaign, worked with Philip Zepter and led projects of the World Bank, MasterCard, Eircom and many other Fortune 500 companies. In the past decade, by internationalizing his business, he has started or invested in over a dozen businesses from the Irish HQ.

He shares and puts his experience in working on global digital projects in service of the Delicent platform through a digital dimension of a startup business practice. Delicent is a concept of production and placement of high-quality foodstuffs for the preparation of healthy food. It connects the producers of naturally grown foodstuffs and food products with people who take care of their health. Bistro and shop are located in Dorćol, and online shop can be found at