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Snežana Oljača


Executive Board President, Serbia Organica

Prof. Dr Snežana Oljača is a full professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade.

The fields of Prof. Oljača’s research include planning and development of sustainable agricultural systems based on the principles of the preservation of environment, conservation of land, pollution control, safe use of agrochemicals and preservation of human life. A special part of Prof. Oljača’s activities is dedicated to the development of organic agriculture and production of safe and healthy foods.

As a guest professor, she has given lectures in numerous universities such as University of Hohenheim (Germany), University of Bologna (Italy), Stavropol State Agrarian University (Russian Federation) and many others. She has led various scientific and expert projects and programs of education in the field of organic agriculture.

Since 2011, she has been serving as a President of the Expert Council for Organic Production within the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. She is also a President of the Board of the national association for development of organic production Serbia Organica.

She is the winner of the FAO World Food Day Bronze Medal for the contribution to food safety.