Belgrade Food Show


Nikola Stanišić


Šumska Tajna, CEO & Founder

Nikola Stanišić was born in 1992 in Čačak, Serbia, grew up in Novi Sad, where he attended elementary and high school, and completed e-business and marketing courses in Belgrade. Nikola comes from a family of entrepreneurs. At the age of 21, he was in charge of the Belgrade area market in his family’s company. He also started “Young with Ideas” (Mladi sa idejama), an NGO for education and spreading of entrepreneurship in Novi Sad. Two years later, Nikola became an entrepreneur himself by starting his own company which manufactures and distributes the brand “Šumska tajna“ (Forest secret). Nikola’s company is a start-up in the food industry, situated in Veternik, Vojvodina. The company is currently cooperating with 300 retail objects in Serbia, and exports their products to the EU and Montenegro. Nikola is planning to expand to the global market.