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Katarina Obradović


Assistant Minister, Sector for Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economy, Government of Serbia

Mrs. Katarina Obradović was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1974, and graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She holds B.S. in Industrial Engineering.
She started her career as intern and later analyst in the Economic Institute in Belgrade gaining valuable experience within consultancy area, in particular, company`s restructuring. Mrs. Obradović Jovanović has nearly 12 years of experience in the Government, having held senior positions in Sector for small and medium size enterprises. In this role, she demonstrated high work proficiency and knowledge in preparation of various strategic documents that, alongside monitoring and crafting, resulted in implementation of different SME`s incentives programs and activities. Meanwhile, she extended her knowledge within SME’s development and European integration process throughout various education programs and study visits, including US State department International Leadership Visitors Program, European Commission and European Parliament Visitors Program, Study program in Japan for Senior Executives involved in development of industry and SME`s policy.
Alongside her public engagement, she was a member of different working groups aiming to manage various international bilateral meetings, donations planning and distribution, and create more efficient legislation framework. She was appointed as a Secretary at the Council for SME`s and Entrepreneurship in Serbia.
Mrs. Obradović Jovanović tenure as SME`s and entrepreneurship professional embraces leading roles in different international working groups, projects and initiatives in this area. In addition, she coordinates implementation of the EU regulation for SME`s in the Republic of Serbia and serves as Vice President of the EU Negotiation Group for Chapter 20 – SME`s Industrial Policy, and as a high official of the Ministry of Economy for the national programs funded by EU IPA.
She is fluent in English and has basic proficiency in French. Mother of two.