Belgrade Food Show


Jovan Radomir


TV presenter and author, Sweden

The wider audience has first heard of Jovan Radomir in 2004, when he assigned 12 points to the Serbian Eurosong Contest representative, in fluent Serbian, from the studio in Stockholm. A Swedish National Television star, Jovan Radomir, left his hometown of Srbac at the age of two, but never cut ties with his homeland. On the contrary, he uses every opportunity to positively represent Serbia and the Balkans – whether through publications in Swedish print, or through two unconventional autobiographical cookbooks – My Balkans – Food and People (2011) and The Balkans – Food, People and Memories (2018).

The first cookbook was also published in English and is being sold worldwide through website. The second was representing Sweden in two categories in the finals of Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2019, an annual international competition of the best books about food and drinks.

This fall, his five coverages on Belgrade and the Balkans will be aired on the first program of the Swedish National Television – SVT, in the TV show Good Evening.

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