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Ina Radanović


Quality Standards Department Manager, Global Seed

Ina Radanović is a food technology engineer, currently employed in the Global Seed LTD business system in the position of the Head of the Quality Standard Department, since February 2018. Her main tasks and responsibilities include the introduction of new and maintaining existing standards, primarily in the field of organic production, but also quality control of the organic crops, concentrated and combined mixtures for the nutrition of cattle and quality control of the organic raw milk. From 2012 to 2018, she was employed in DTD Ribarstvo LTD from Bački Jarak, first in the position of the intern technologist, and then as the lead technologist in the fish processing facility. From April to September 2012, she worked as the advisor technologist within the Ministry of Agriculture, where she participated in visiting and cooperation between the secondary agricultural processors.