Belgrade Food Show


Igor Kojčić


Project Manager, IDC Serbia

Igor Kojčić is a project manager, IDC and creator of Agro Iris.

During his 5 years of work in the Initiative for Development and Cooperation, Igor has worked on the development and implementation of numerous projects aimed at empowering members of vulnerable social groups, maximally dedicated to improving the society in which we live and the living standards of those who are most vulnerable.

His particular area of interest and professional expertise is social entrepreneurship, as a way of helping sustainable and innovative business concepts to overcome various social and economic issues.

Creator of an innovative business model of the social enterprise, Agro Iris, a winner of the second prize at the National Green Ideas Forum 2014, and the first prize of the regional forum Green Philanthropy for Green Ideas. The products of this social enterprise have received numerous awards, the most significant being the Gold medal for quality for dried apple chips, as well as the Great gold medal for quality for dried plums.