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Bratislav Dobrić


Founder, Business Innovation Programs

His career began during his law studies by working in a telecommunications company within the sector for support to business and private customers. In the following years, he was engaged on the development of trade cooperation between companies from Serbia and from the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and he was also active in establishing export channels for honey produced in Serbia and fruits from Herzegovina towards the market of Scandinavian countries. Simultaneously, he was dedicated to the development of civil society organizations by working on the implementation of various programs in the field of democracy, civil society building and support to the development of the market oriented economy with a special focus on the institutionalization of the entrepreneurial education through the introduction of the Entrepreneurship as a subject in secondary schools.

Throughout the implementation of various programs, he had an opportunity to cooperate with a high number of domestic and foreign institutions and stakeholders in sectors of education, business and civil society.