Belgrade Food Show a long-anticipated chance for food makers to present their specialty products to domestic and international buyers. We have the honor to invite you to be one of the exhibitors.

This unique two-day event will be in the first such trade exhibition and conference in Belgrade and Southeastern Europe – a fancy food event similar to one that takes place in New York every year.

For you, it is a perfect chance to showcase your latest artisan and specialty food products made of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, meet key domestic and international buyers and traders, present them your delis and see what others are doing.

At the same time, at the conference you will learn about the latest global market trends, the prospects of Serbian specialty food, routes to the market and export opportunities, buyers’ perspectives and attitudes, success stories…

At last, there is a right place for you to show quality, love and ideas behind your products, and at the same time learn and do business.

Let’s present to the world the growing potential of the re-emerging Serbian and regional food production and allow the key international players to experience its authentic quality and character.

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